EM Testing Engineer

  • 更新时间:2021-01-26
  • 学历:本科
  • 工作地点:上海市-徐汇区
  • 语言要求:英语
  • 工作年限:3-5年
  • 招聘人数:1
  • 月薪:0-0元
  • 性质:外资企业
Job Summary:
Carry out EM product tests on our products 〔new ones and modified ones). Perform the EM product test plans to qualify new products. Take an active role in the new product development teams. Be responsible for metrology and partly environment test. Maintain the related equipments.

Reports to: Lab Manager
Job Accountabilities:
1. Carry out EM products tests on our products 〔new ones and modified ones ) according to our internal procedures or special customer requirements. Perform the EM products validation test plans to qualify new products. Carry out the environment test according to the testing plan.
2. Define the means and EM products test methods to perform the tests required. Clarify the tests to be performed and the targets to be achieved with the requesters.
3. Analyze the test results. Check if there are coherent and pertinent. In case of doubts, make additional tests to cross-check.
4. Write the test reports. At the description of the tests made and their results, add a general conclusion of the tests. The conclusion should be a clear statement about the results to know if there are acceptable, not acceptable or need further tests. In case of negative results, be active in proposing changes and add some comments about possible product improvements.
5. Take an active role in the new product development teams. Participate at the design reviews.
6. Propose improvements in the test methods and procedures, as well as for the equipments needed. Maintain and improve our EM products test procedures according to standard evolutions and customer requirements. Propose EM products' equipment needed and maintain those equipments in working order.
7. Project Management

Functional / Technical Competencies:
1. 3 years or more working experience in a similar position, EM product testing experience for similar markets.
2. Mechanical engineer graduated.
3. Strong knowledge of EM issue, technologies and test methods.
4. Familiar instruments of size measure, such as three-dimensional and admeasuring appartus
5. Knowledge of the EM products manufacturing process.
6. Have good communication ability and team work spirit, have open mind and be creative and innovative.
7. Fluent in English is a must.


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